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What’s happening with Rod Dreher?

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Rod Dreher recently accepted a new position at the John Templeton Foundation.  He’s currently the director of publications for JTF and editor of the  Big Questions Online blog. 

There haven’t been any updates on his blog since 8/23 when he wrote:

I want to let readers know a bit more about the situation here. The debut this summer of BQO has been a “soft launch” intended to try out our ideas for the magazine, to see how they work, particularly in relationship to Sir John Templeton’s ideals. We are still working on the site, and will be changing some things in response to feedback. With respect to this blog, we are reconsidering a style and format that will be more in tune with Sir John’s forward-looking, positive, constructive ways to engage the Big Questions.

I miss the beliefnet blog and haven’t had a chance to warm up to Big Questions.  I’ve enjoyed his writing over the years and wish him well.

The only talk on the interwebs I could find about Rod and BQO is here.

Update:  From the comments section at Alexandria

Bluegrass Up

I too have been wondering and worrying about Rod these past three and a half weeks. The longer the silence stretches out, the more ominous it seems.

Only thing I’ve found online that offers even a shred of a clue is a post this past Friday on a blog called Text Patterns: “So I recently got an interesting email from my friend and editor Rod Dreher — you do read Big Questions Online, don’t you? — who tells a thought-provoking story about the combined effects on a reader, namely him, of (a) an iPad and a (b) sabbatical from blogging. With his permission I share it with you…”

There follows a recent quote from Rod; and on checking back just now, I see that Rod himself left a comment Friday afternoon, in which he says in part: “I love blogging, and built up a pretty large blog following over the years by constantly scanning for interesting information, and putting it on my daily bulletin board to facilitate discussion. I love this stuff! I’ve not had a blog hiatus in four years, until now …”

Link is here, and if this throws my comment into moderation I’m going to kick myself:


Of course terms such as “sabbatical” or “hiatus” can cover a multitude of situations. I’m still hoping things turn out well for Rod; though as I say, the longer the silence stretches out…


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