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Next Tea Party upset: Pallone in NJ 6?

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Mayor Anna Little recently defeated, in a major upset, establishment-candidate Diane Gooch in NJ’s GOP 6th congressional district primary.  Is Little going to be the next breakout Tea Party candidate?

Nate Silver’s blog at the NY Times has NJ 6 listed as solid democratic for Rep. Frank Pallone.  But as we all should know by now, this is turning out to be an unconventional election cycle.

Hot Air‘s Laura Brod thinks there’s another dark horse to watch in NJ.

Another day, another dark horse race in the making.  This is one of those years in which political upsets are coming fast and furious from all directions.  As I watch the political landscape shift on a daily basis, an interesting race came across my desk.

Recognizing the opportunity to take on an out of touch incumbent who wants to claim ownership and take credit for a massive intrusion of government into our private lives, the Freedom’s Defense Fund, a DC based PAC, recently announced an ad campaign in New Jersey’s 6th Congressional district.

Take a look at their ad at www.stoppallone.com.

This first TV ad is part of a broader campaign to support conservative, upstart candidate Mayor Anna Little’s over Washington-centric incumbent – Frank “It’s my bill” Pallone.  What a namesake.  The ad is short and simple in message.

If you’d like to learn more about the race in NJ’s 6th, you can check out Art Gallagher’s blog, Monmouth Musings.  He’s all over the Pallone and Little campaigns.



Written by dailypager

September 20, 2010 at 12:08 am

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